Hunts Pricing

Pheasant Hunting South DakotaPheasant Hunts
Gold Package. This 3 day, 4 night, all inclusive hunt will allow each hunter to shoot 8 pheasants per day from both our preserve and a large amount of wild birds for $2,895 per hunter.

• Enjoy the best pheasant hunting in South Dakota with our 3 day pheasant hunt, 4 night stay, all inclusive for $2,295 per hunter. Daily hunts beyond the 3 days are only $500/day.
• Day pheasant hunts are also available for only $250 per hunter.
• Day prairie chicken and sharptail grouse hunts are also available for only $250 per hunter
Combine both pheasant and prairie chicken/grouse day hunts for only $300 per hunter!

Upland Preserve Hunts
• This is a 3 day hunt, 4 night stay, all inclusive for $2,295 per hunter. We also have a 2 day hunt, 3 night stay, all inclusive for $1,795.

Waterfowl Hunts
• Experience our all inclusive, 3 days 4 nights, waterfowl hunt for $1,995 per hunter.
• The waterfowl hunt may also be added to another hunt package for just $250 per day.

Bad River Bucks & Birds Deer Hunting 2012Mule and Whitetail Deer Hunts
• The rifle hunts we offer are a 5 day hunt, 6 night stay, for $5,250 per hunter.
• Archery bow hunts are $3,995 per hunter for a 4 day hunt and 5 night stay all inclusive. Any hunts already booker are grandfathered in under previous pricing.

Wild Turkey Hunts
$2,500 for two Toms for a 3 day hunt, 4 night stay all inclusive.

Prairie Dog Hunts
• This hunt is $600 per day with a 2 day minium and day hunts are $250 per gun.

Buffalo Hunts
• We can offer only 10 trophy bull buffalo hunts!
• We are offering a 3 day/4 night all inclusive trophy bull/upland hunts for only $8,000.

Coyote Hunts
• Hunts require a minimum of two hunters to a group at $300 per hunter per day.

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Bad River Bucks & Birds Reservations Policy
Reservations require a $1,000 per gun deposit within 10 days of booking your hunt. Final remaining payment is due upon arrival. In the event of a cancellation more than 60 days prior to your arrival all deposits are nonrefundable. However, the remaining balance may be applied toward a rescheduled hunt up to one year. Cancellations made within 60 days of arrival date forfeit all monies paid. If fewer guests arrive then were initially booked, any monies paid cannot be applied as payment for other guests or services.

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