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ChaseI’ve done the opening day of pheasant season at Bad River for 12 consecutive years. 2014 was my first time deer hunting there and my only regret is that I didn’t do a deer hunt with Brett a lot sooner. My buddy and I had a great hunt this season. I bagged my muley on the first day and he got his on the 3rd day. Brett and his crew always take good care of us in the lodge and in the field.

I can’t wait to go back! These are photos from last year’s hunt. I highly recommend Bad River Bucks and Birds.

Gerry Vance
Franklin, Tennessee

Well how do I start? Four years ago my son and I decided to go on a dog shoot. Over a two week period I sent out 6 or 7 requests with all the normal questions plus a request for some handicap info. NOBODY responded except Brett. At that time I was in my third year with Muscular Dystrophy (age 63 then) an having trouble getting around. Brett wrote back and with a can do attitude, “well we don’t have handicap stuff, but we have 16 folks working here and we will get you anywhere you want to go”, my kinda guy.

As for the hunting, you have all the prairie dogs to shoot at that a person can ask for. My son and I use an AR, Thompson single shot, Savage 12f for the long stuff and a mini 14 for short work. We bring around 2000 rounds of dog food and shoot for 3 days. All you need are the guns and ammo, good glasses and a hat, the benches and bags plus lunch are supplied by Brett or one of the many guides.

Now for the food, breakfast is at 7:30 in a buffet style, lunch is a cooler bag filled with sandwiches, fruit, candy, chips and cookies plus bottled water. When you come in for the day it’s bar snacks and cocktails up stairs in the gameroom. Dinner is better than most resturants and serverd by the cooking staff. After this most folks go back up to the bar, lie about there day and the 1000 yard shots they made all day.

When you get back to your bed room all is VERY clean with two queen size beds, sink and private shower and bowl. There is AC or heat in each room plus a ceiling fan.

In closing this will be our fourth year at Bad River Bucks & Birds and hopefully not our last. If good people, food, hunting on a real pretty piece of land are where you want to spend a few days to relax, this IS the place.

Jim Vandenberg,
Andes, New York



pheasanthuntmudMy group has had the pleasure of hunting every opening day of pheasant season since they opened the lodge in 2002. We have not missed an opening day since! Whether we hunt in perfect weather or adverse conditions like snow, mud, or 85 degree days, not once have we failed to bag a limit of pheasants! One of our most memorable hunts was our fenceline grouse hunt in 2005. I have never seen so many grouse and prairie chickens in one area!

With each year, the hunting and fellowship just keeps getting better and better. We are always treated like kings by the guides and the lodge staff. They have always gone to great lengths to ensure that we have an unforgettable experience, whether it be the fabulous accommodations, the bird hunting, taking us out to glass some deer and antelope at dawn, or just filling up with great cuisine at the lodge. I am grateful that the relationships with our clients have been strengthened through our annual trips to Bad River Bucks & Birds, LLC!

Thanks guys! We’ll see you in October!

Gerry Vance
Franklin, Tennessee

Great work Brett on making our annual pilgrimage to South Dakota a highlight of the year.

The core of our group has been to Bad River Hunts for several years now and we are certainly planning to go back. Our group includes people from all over the country in a variety of different professions. Each year after we return home with stories of great hunting, outstanding food and a relaxing atmosphere, our group expands as more of our friends want to join us. We just about fill the lodge. Great work Brett on making our annual pilgrimage to South Dakota a highlight of the year.

Pete DeLay
Nashville, Tennessee

deerhuntHi all, just wanted to take a few minutes to thank everyone at Bad River Hunts for once again making our hunting trip a memorable one.

It only took Randy and I about a month to recover from being over fed for a week…the food was great and hats off to the chef.

I believe we have been coming out to Bad River for prairie dog hunting for around seven years now and finally decided to give the deer hunting a try. I don’t believe words can describe the hunt we had but I will give it a try. First, let me start by saying I have hunted in Saskatchewan and Manitoba for several years and have been fortunate enough to hang my tag on several nice bucks, but what Randy and I experienced during our hunt was simply amazing. It was very apparent Brett and his staff had really done their homework as we saw well over 150 deer a day, both whitetails and mule deer, several of which were large mature bucks. There were almost too many to choose from…I say almost because we both took great bucks. I took a very nice 5×7 mule deer and Randy took an outstanding 157 318 inch eight point whitetail.

I don’t believe words can describe the hunt we had.

After our tags were punched we saw many other bucks that were as good as or better than ours and have already booked our hunts for the 2008 season, just counting the days. Brett, you have a great operation in a great location as well as being surrounded by great people. Please say thanks to everyone as they made us feel right at home and just like part of the family, can’t wait to see you all in November!

Darell & Randy
Auburn Hills, Michigan

Bad River offers a unique December hunting experience for pheasants and geese. I have been hunting with Bad River for pheasants and geese since they started their guide service back in 2002.

I have never been disappointed in their services from the quality of the hunt, the level of customer service, their food and accommodations.

You always enjoy the hunting but probably the best thing is they make you feel like “family.” A very caring comfortable atmosphere.

Allen Brown
Charlotte, North Carolina

You are awesome! From the hospitality, to the quality of the lodge and the hunts, you guys have it all.

I’ve been to a number of camps and yours ranks up there with the best of them. A great “bang for the buck” so to speak. I’ll see you again in 2009 as I intend to make a hunting trip as a graduation gift for me and my son!

Ed Tucker

My prairie dog hunt this past week lived up to all your promises and was a total hunting experience. I fired at least 1,000 rifle shells over three days.

Philip stayed with me throughout my hunt everyday to help spot shots and targets. I saw antelope, burrowing owls, curlews, buffalo, whitetails and mule deer, numerous waterfowl and pheasants. My guide pointed out topography and land marks unique to your area that added to my enjoyment beyond the hunt. The meals and accommodations were absolutely first class.

Thanks to all of your staff and family for making this first time dog hunt a great adventure. I hope to see you all again next year.

Barrie Swinbank
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Everything about the prairie dog hunt at Bad River Bucks & Birds exceeded my expectations (which were very high).

The lodge is beautiful, the food Debbie cooked was wonderful (I gained 3 pounds), the hospitality was great, and the rodent hunting was world class. The only thing I would have changed about my three days was to make it a six day hunt. I had a terrific time and I’m looking forward to coming back at the same time next year. Thanks for a wonderful South Dakota experience.

Rick Stover

turkey3Thank you for showing me such a wonderful time on my recent prairie dog hunt. This was my first experience with Bad River Bucks & Birds but I am already in the process of arranging my next trip to your facility.

Your guides, Richard and Randy, were so careful to ensure that I always had plenty of targets to shoot. My only limitations on the hunts were my own body’s muscles (aches and pains) and the gun barrel getting too hot to touch. The three Philips kept me so entertained with their tales and stories. I have to believe they were all true, except the really good ones. One of the younger Philips told me that some of the really good stories might be suspect for truthfulness.

You folks truly have a first class operation going, I’ve been more than pleasantly surprised and pleased.

I don’t know if you should let the two Deb’s see this part. They are what make the stay at your lodge so special. The food was so good I can’t begin to brag it up enough. The cleanliness of the bunk house was equal to that of any of the 5-star facilities I’ve ever stayed in.

You folks truly have a first class operation going, I’ve been more than pleasantly surprised and pleased. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Denny Exman
Des Moines, Iowa

Just a word of thanks for the wonderful time we had in August. Your facility and all of your staff could not have been better. The lodge is first class, the meals were great, and we felt that we were the guests of a friend instead of just clients.

The prairie dog hunt was more fun than I ever imagined. I added it up…B-Bob and I shot all 900 rounds of our ammunition in about three hours. I was seriously worried about burning the rifling out of our barrels. The whitetail habitat was very impressive, and I will be in touch to book a bow hunt next year for me and a group of friends.

Tell everyone hello and I am impatiently waiting ’till the day I can return to Bad River Bucks & Birds.

Bobby Petrus
West Monroe, LA

We had a three day/four night all-inclusive hunting trip. We limited daily on pheasants. We saw lots of grouse and prairie chicken, but they are tougher to hunt. However, we got birds every day.

The guides were like hunting with old friends (except our guides were knowledgeable and had good dogs).

The lodge and bunkhouse are new in 2002. They are beautifully done, fully equipped and clean. The “barn loft” is complete with a pool table, large screen satellite TV, and a fully stocked wet bar with great furnishings and decor.

Everyone associated with the lodge was friendly and personable and a pleasure to be around.

All in all, a first class operation.

R. James Rhodes, Jr., D.D.S.
Pittsburg, KS

Thanks for the great hospitality. The lodge, staff, food and land were all great. Seeing the big muley was also a treat, but just having access to that much land was a pleasure.

Mark Kaiser
Pierre, SD

I thoroughly enjoyed my recent hunt at your facility. You have done a very good job providing a pleasant and relaxing environment to stay as well as an exciting hunting. Your new lodge and dining facility are the best I have ever seen at a hunting lodge and the food was excellent.

Gil Johnson
Pagaso Springs, Colorado

Thanks for having us. We had a great time. Our guide did a fantastic job getting us to birds. Some of the most challenging and exciting wild bird hunting I have done. Everyone on your staff is terrific. I’m sure I’ll see you next year and will tell my friends what a good experience I had.

Scott A. Rake, DMD
Lakeville, MN