422991_508974759126807_1949366898_nAt Bad River Bucks & Birds, you will experience some of the best deer hunting in South Dakota.

The rifle hunts we offer are a 5-day hunt, 6 night stay, for $7,500 per hunter. The season starts on the 2nd Saturday in November and runs for 17 days straight. This hunt usually runs the same time as our rut so it is very likely to see 50 plus deer a day.

Here in western South Dakota, we have both whitetails and mule deer. During your hunt, it is very likely that you will see numerous whitetails in the 140s and above and mule deer in the 170s or better. In 2006, we had 2 great mule deer. One had a net score of 192 ½, and one 4×4 that was 33 1/2 inches wide. 

The whitetail hunters will hunt in timber creeks and hardwood river bottoms. We use ladder stands, ground blinds, haystacks, and more. In these areas, we have both cover, food plots, and alfalfa bottoms.

Mule deer hunters will be with a guide and do spot and stalk. You’ll concentrate on food sources in the morning and evening and glass in the midday over thousands of acres of rolling hills and prairie. We take great pride in helping these bucks get to a mature age with various food plots a good amount of minerals.

218405_490141384343478_753367774_oArchery bow hunts are $5,000 for a 4-day hunt and 5-night stay all-inclusive. This hunt starts on the 3rd Saturday in September and runs through December. Call (605) 669-3440 for info on this hunt.

Rifle tags are a draw. Bow-hunting tags are over the counter.

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