upland1This hunt includes everything the upland hunt does as long as the grouse season is in. This hunt starts the 1st of September and runs through the 31st of March. These are both a 3 day hunt, 4 night stay, all inclusive for $2,295 per hunter and $1,795 for 2 days 3 nights.

This hunt allows you to shoot four roosters per day, plus three partridge, prairie chicken and sharp-tail grouse as long as the original season is in. We have 2,000 acres set aside for our preserve hunts and this allows us to extend are pheasant season. This is not like most of your local preserve however. The state requires we keep track of everything we take off and for every bird we harvest we have to put one back. So we put the net amount of birds out at the end of August so they are plenty wild if they make it through the season. Please note that at least 60 percent of the birds we take off our preserve are wild, so they are not all pen raised birds.

upland2Dove hunting can be combined in this hunt in early September.

Goose hunting can be combined in the first 3 weeks in January.

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